About Us

At American Warehouses, we're more than just a step in your supply chain as your products move from point A to B. We are your logistics partner committed to crafting personalized solutions to fit your needs and improve your business.  

Warehouse Interior

The American Warehouses story begins in 1948

Our start was small but our idea was big – to provide businesses with the warehousing solutions they need with the best service in the business. In the 70 years that followed, AWI continued to expand its offerings and grow its experience in various industries, including chemical and hazardous materials storage.

Our growth did not happen on its own, though. It came through seven decades of determination to give our clients a superior experience by consistently investing in our technology, our 825,000 square foot facility and, most importantly, our team.

Today, still guided by our founding mission, AWI has grown to be one of the best and most trusted warehouses not just in Houston, but in the United States as a whole.

Service you can count on.

At the heart of this operation is our talented team of warehousing and logistics professionals who take pride in giving our clients the best service. Whether performing just-in-time inventory movement or assembling a sophisticated pallet display for a retailer, American Warehouses offers the exact services you need performed by the people you can count on.

How can American Warehouses help your business today?