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A Guide to the Most Reliable Chemical, Industrial & Hazardous Material Storage Facility in Space City



Operations managers are tasked with choosing several logistics partners ranging from transportation to warehousing. Such decisions are of utmost importance, as these companies will be in charge of maintaining, organizing, loading, unloading, and relocating your products. If the logistics company lacks the necessary truck fleet, you’ll experience delays. If the warehouse has a high error rate, it’s likely your products will go missing or get mixed up with those of your competitors, causing delays and potentially costing a large chunk of your budget. 

Basically, logistics partners hold the fate of your products in their hands. 

That’s why it’s crucial you choose a reliable and experienced warehousing partner. When deciding among a variety of options, ask the following questions:

  1. Is the warehouse’s location optimal for my supply chain needs
  2. Is it near major transportation hubs?
  3. How quickly will my products get from port to warehouse to road? 
  4. Where is the warehouse in relation to the point of entry and final destinations of my products?
  5. What specialties and services does this warehouse provide?
  6. What types of goods can be stored? 
  7. Does my product require repalletization, labeling, or other additional services inside the warehouse?
  8. How much room does the warehouse offer?
  9. Where will my products be housed?
  10. What are the warehouse’s error and accident rates?
  11. How long has the warehouse been around? 
  12. What safety protocols are in place?
  13. Are my products secure? What security measures has the warehouse taken?
  14. Does the warehouse use an advanced warehousing management system?

American Warehouses is a Houston-based public warehouse with more than 70 years of experience managing inventory, with great success rates. Review this comprehensive guide to our services and differentiators to learn more about why American Warehouses is one of the top storage facilities in Space City.

What American Warehouses Offers You

From basic public warehousing to specialized chemical storage, American Warehouses has several service options to support your supply chain. 

Public Warehousing

American Warehouses provides basic short- and long-term public storage options for a variety of products. Whether you’re renting a large part of the facility to store your goods for several days, or a small area to house your products for six months, American Warehouses provides benefits every company can take advantage of. 

By using our public warehouse, you’ll save time, money, and resources, maximize productivity, develop efficient distribution plans, gain peace of mind that all your products are secure, enable quick and seamless administration and order fulfillment, and keep track of your goods.

American Warehouses works with your distribution teams to coordinate shipments and meet your time requirements. Our facility, which is situated on more than 50 acres, can house inventory including dry, cold, outdoor, and hazardous storage. From rubber products to plastics and resins to pigments and chemical materials, American Warehouses can fulfill nearly any supply storage need. The only product American Warehouses does not store is food. 

It’s also important to note that American Warehouses boasts an error rate of 0.02%, meaning your inventory is safe from damage, mix-ups, or loss. We track your goods from the second it arrives to the moment it leaves. 

Chemical, Industrial & Hazardous Material Storage

For companies interested in storing flammable, combustible, corrosive, or other chemical, industrial, and hazardous materials, American Warehouses has the best safety record in the city. Our trained and certified staff comply with local, state, and federal regulations daily. American Warehouses also implements a number of advanced safety precautions including 100% sprinkler coverage with boosted pressure, a foam suppression system in flammable areas, and material containment throughout the facility. 

In case of emergencies, American Warehouses has enlisted an on-site response team in coordination with OMI Environmental Solutions. OMI has more than 25 years of experience providing oil spill and hazmat response teams, industrial services, waste management and disposal, confined space and standby rescue, transportation, environmental consulting, emergency response training, and environmental and safety products. 

To assure clients of the safety and security measures taken, American Warehouses provides a quality policy upon request. This explains  company objectives and how American Warehouses will meet them, details the company’s commitment to upholding current chemical storage standards, and outlines how American Warehouses can continue to improve its approach. 

Value-Added Services

If you need more than just storage, American Warehouses provides several value-added services to streamline your logistics chain. Our experienced team can prepare your products for shipment with rebranding, repalletization, and/or stretch-wrapping. Pick and pack services, repackaging, pallet display creation, are also available, among others. Additionally, American Warehouses can label your products with branding, naming, or product information. 

Why Should You Choose American Warehouses?

With many warehouses in the Houston area, it’s common for customers to ask: “Why should I choose American Warehouses?” Our storage facility boasts a number of key differentiators that separate us from our competitors. As one of the few chemical and hazardous material storage centers in Houston, we offer unique and accurate services in a strategic location.

An Expansive Facility

American Warehouses owns 57 acres and a facility that spans 825,000 square feet, with multiple buildings and ceiling heights to accommodate a wide variety of products. Because we own our facility instead of renting it, we’re able to have greater control over operations, providing better service and reduced operating costs—savings we pass onto our customers. 

Our expansive facility can store chemical, industrial, and hazardous materials, as well as rubber products, plastics, resins, and pigments. Within our 825,000-square-foot operation is 400,000 square feet of hazardous chemical storage and 50,000 square feet of flammable storage. In addition to temperature-controlled indoor space, American Warehouses offers outdoor storage areas—both strategically organized and highly secure.

A Tenured Team

In a fast-growing industry such as warehousing you’ll be hard pressed to find a facility without high turnover rates. With a constant influx of new employees learning the business, there’s a higher chance of weak service and errors. However, you’ve managed to find the one facility with extraordinarily low turnover rates and a tenured team: American Warehouses. 

Our team is simply unbeatable. Most employees have been with American Warehouses for more than 10 years, meaning a majority of our customers have been working with the same representatives and team members since beginning their relationship with American Warehouses. Our team members get to know your inventory and your specific needs, resulting in our extremely low error rate of less than 0.02%. 

Location, Location, Location

Our location may be our biggest differentiating factor. The American Warehouses facility is strategically located just north of downtown Houston, Texas, close to the largest transportation hubs in the city. 

We’re between George Bush International Airport and William P. Hobby Airport for those whose goods fly into Space City—Houston’s nickname referencing its history as the home of NASA's Manned Spacecraft Center. Our warehouse is also several miles from the head of the Houston Ship Channel, and Barbours Cut Bayport Terminal. For inventory arriving by land, American Warehouses owns rail spurs, giving us a direct connection to the Union Pacific Railroad. We’re also positioned within minutes of Houston’s most important freeways: I-10, I-45, I-69, and the I-610 Loop. Our central location ensures easy access to transportation channels, enables fast inventory movement, and leads to direct and indirect customer cost savings.  

Top Safety & Security Protocols

It’s important to us that your inventory is safe and secure. That’s why American Warehouses has implemented many security and safety measures

Our employees undergo full background checks before they’re brought on, to ensure they can safely handle your products. They additionally undergo extensive and continuous training to ensure they’re up to date on the latest safety standards and technology. Our facility maintains compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Department of Transportation (DOT), Customer-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Homeland Security regulations. 

To ensure security, American Warehouses operates a contained facility within a fenced perimeter of all 57 acres. We only allow traffic to enter through designated entry points. In addition, we’ve installed 24/7 security monitoring and surveillance systems featuring security cameras, entry alarms, and motion detectors to guarantee your goods are secure. 

Not only do we protect your inventory, we also ensure your data is safe within our systems. To do so, we keep all our cyber security systems up to date, maintain a cyber security policy, periodically change passwords, back up our databases, utilize antivirus software, firewalls,  ransomware protection, a security incident response plan, and annually audit our systems.

Our Advanced Warehousing Management System (WMS)

A warehouse management system has the power to optimize inbound and outbound procedures, increase labor productivity and efficiency, improve safety conditions, boost customer relationships, and reduce expenses for the user and their clients. 

To take advantage of these benefits, American Warehouses worked with a developer to create an advanced warehousing management system tailored to fit our facility’s needs. We customized it to track data including batch numbers, exact units, weights, inbound and outbound deliveries, and product types, at every stage of the warehousing process. It also ensures commercial units are tracked from the moment they arrive on the loading dock to the moment they are shipped out of the facility—improving transparency, maximizing organization, and eliminating errors. Not only does the system track units, it can monitor individual chemicals within them, ensuring proper storage and safety protocols are undertaken. 

The American Warehouses Story

American Warehouses has been serving clients for more than 70 years, with several partners storing their goods with us for more than 30 years. Why, you may ask? When speaking with partners—typically on a daily basis—they’ve expressed it’s our customer service, low error rate, location, storage options, customer warehouse management system, and security protocols that keep them coming back. 

Read more about why customers stay with American Warehouses

Since our founding in 1948, we’ve continued to grow our services and offerings to improve the customer experience. We’ve also consistently invested in our technology, facility, and team members to provide the best warehousing services in the nation. 

Are you interested in storing inventory in the Houston area? Contact us today. You’ll likely speak directly with American Warehouses President Ryan Burke, or another one of our top executives.