Advanced Warehousing Management System

American Warehouses has spared no expense in building one of the most comprehensive warehouse control programs in the industry, designed specifically for AWI and our customers to provide the most complete, accurate and transparent warehousing experience possible.

AWI Laptop

Our WMS was customized to keep track of a wide array of data points at any given moment with pinpoint accuracy, including:

  • Batch numbers
  • Exact units
  • Weights
  • Inbound & Outbound deliveries
  • Product types

This information isn’t just for our team to use to carefully organize our operations, though.

AWI’s commitment to total transparency with our customers means that you get complete access to view exactly what’s happening with your inventories.

Inventory tracking in real time

You won't be looking at yesterday's data or even this morning's. You'll be looking at up-to-the minute information starting moments after your material hits our docks and watch as it is tracked throughout its entire journey through our facility right up until the moment it’s loaded into an outbound order.

Secure access anytime, anywhere

Office, home, hotel, or wherever you are, our warehouse management system is accessible and secured by our encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Customized reporting

Export customized reports in a variety of formats with just a few easy clicks, so that you can keep saved records of the most current information.


Want to see our Warehouse Management System in action? Download our video walkthrough.

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