Our Facility

Our sprawling warehouse in Houston, TX covers 825,000 square feet on 57 acres of property. Throughout this extensive storage facility, we have incorporated various measures to accommodate a wide variety of storage and logistics needs.


Owned and Operated by AWI

Unlike other third party logistics providers, we own our own property and facility, giving us greater control over its operations to provide the best service and reduce our operating costs – a savings that we pass directly onto our customers.

Service you can count on.

We at American Warehouses understand that our customers have diverse storage needs. That’s why our property and facilities are equipped with a variety of layouts and options to accommodate any requirements:

Indoor storage

Outdoor storage

Temperature controlled storage

Chemical, industrial and hazmat storage


Centrally Located  

Whether you plan to transport your goods by land, sea or air, American Warehouses is strategically located north of Downtown Houston to meet your supply chain needs.
AWI Laptop

Advanced Warehouse Management Systems

AWI has built one of the most sophisticated warehouse management systems in the industry. Our WMS allows our staff to monitor every piece of inventory in the facility and all inbound and outbound deliveries with pinpoint accuracy.

Impeccable Safety and Security

We've spared no expense investing in robust safety and security protocols securing your goods around the clock.
Just some of our measures include:

Advanced fire detection and suppression equipment

24/7 security monitoring through the facility

Compliance with OSHA, DOT, CTPAT, EPA, DEA and Homeland Security mandates

Close proximity to emergency services

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