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Understanding the U.S. Trucker Shortage

American Warehouses has been providing commercial warehousing solutions to the Houston area for more than 70 years, playing a key role in logistics activities throughout the area. Having worked with countless clients as they transport their goods from A to B, we’ve gained significant perspective into the industry and its challenges. One major obstacle that professionals in the industry have been facing in recent years is the trucker shortage.

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Houston: A Hub for Logistics & Warehousing

Houston has always been a logistics powerhouse, and the largest city in Texas is fast becoming the place for warehousing. Its location near the water and abundance of transportation infrastructure have even enabled the fourth-most-populous U.S. city and largest in Texas to expand trade with foreign countries. With many shipments in and out of the city by land, sea and air, a wide range of domestic and international companies are on the hunt for the very best warehouse space to store goods. 

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