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Cyber Security Measures Every Warehouse Should Take

Throughout the last decade, third-party logistics companies have been popular targets for cyber attacks, and these firms are not alone. In 2013, credit card details for more than 40 million Target customers were stolen by hackers who accessed the systems through a third-party contractor. And the list goes on. 

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Increased Shipping Creates Higher Demand for Houston Warehousing

With record-high volumes of merchandise imported and exported to and from Houston via land, sea, air and rail, companies constantly need to store products, either before departure or upon arrival. As this continues far into the foreseeable future, so too will the construction of warehouses to meet these growing demands, driven by population growth, a rise in e-commerce, and other factors.

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What Are the Costs of Warehousing in Houston?

The cost of storing goods in a Houston warehouse is more complex than allotting a simple dollar amount. There is no set pricing structure for all Houston, Texas warehouses, nor a single factor affecting such expenses. 

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Houston: A Hub for Logistics & Warehousing

Houston has always been a logistics powerhouse, and the largest city in Texas is fast becoming the place for warehousing. Its location near the water and abundance of transportation infrastructure have even enabled the fourth-most-populous U.S. city and largest in Texas to expand trade with foreign countries. With many shipments in and out of the city by land, sea and air, a wide range of domestic and international companies are on the hunt for the very best warehouse space to store goods. 

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The AWI Guide to Advanced Warehouse Management Systems

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, and has, for the most part, made them easier. Warehouse management systems (WMS)—software utilized to track, organize and direct daily warehouse activities—have simplified operations and inventory processes for management, employees and customers. 

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